Experience sustainable travel at Avana Retreat

The true essence of tourism lies in how it enhances local authenticity and beauty. Wonderful as the spirit is, the industry will not be able to go in the long run if no responsible commitments and actions are being done. 

As a name in the industry, we acknowledge how much impact we have on the land and the community here, and we would want every bit of the influence to be positive. Sustainable travel is not an obligation, it's a choice, but a good option that will leave an everlasting positive effect, and is what Avana Retreat is proud to do, and to spread!

What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel is a type of traversing and discovering a place while honoring the authenticity of its culture, ecology, and people. While developing opportunities for the future, this form of tourism fulfills the demands of current visitors and host communities. With this approach, the three pillars of sustainable tourism: People - Planet - Profit, are all balanced and benefit each other in the long term.

Sustainable travel is easy 

Grand and far-fetched as it may sound, everyone can practice sustainable travel from the little things: Travel by bike instead of cabs, support locals’ products, and choose hotels or travel agents that promote sustainability; these are just some of many actions that you can do to show your commitment to the idea. Whether big or small, your choice will make an impact, on yourself, the region, and society.     

8 things Avana Retreat does to encourage sustainable travel

With that being said, have a look at our projects for sustainability. Whether it is a small gesture or a big step into action, every impact will truly be worthwhile if you are dedicated enough!

1. Green the empty hills

One of the easiest actions is to plant trees, and we are doing it big! More than 10,000 trees have been sowed in Avana Retreat and surrounding regions. and leaving no hills empty is our goal for the long run!

2. Diverse ecosystem

Home to thousands of trees and animal species, the land and its nature must be preserved at all costs! While we have achieved great attempts to remain nature in its pristine, unspoiled status, enriching the ecosystem here with more greeneries planted in the area is also an effort to be reckoned with!

3. Use organic products 

Products in the spa and bathroom are 100% made of organic ingredients from local suppliers, giving guests an intimate connection to natural elements whilst enjoying a good relaxing time. 

4. On-site water purifying system 

We build a water purifying system to filter the cleanest water for our guests, with glass bottles used for complimentary water for reusable purposes.

5. Create jobs for the locals

90% of Avana Retreat’s staff are locals. We provide vocational training and offer job opportunities with excellent welfare. Presenting your land and culture while earning a living with well-paid compensation sounds even more than amazing!

6. Cultural exhibition

Hmong and Thai ethnic groups are the main inhabitants of the land, and we are more than proud to feature and promote their beautiful culture!

Have a look at our Thai Stilt Museum - an exhibition area showcasing a range of artifacts, clothes, and customs of the locals. A highlight that you should not miss while in Avana Retreat is the local tours: an authentic experience of the mountain life of the natives, guided by the natives themselves!

7. No plastic

Plastic is the toxins to sustainable travel, so we would love to limit the use of such materials as much as possible. To avoid using plastic and throwaway items, we provide complimentary water in glass bottles and reusable ceramic containers in the resort restrooms.

8. Local food source

A reliable food source is important to bring our customers the finest dishes. Fresh ingredients, which come from local suppliers, are carefully sourced and prepped every day by our chefs.

We are proud of our efforts in committing to environmental sustainability, but the cherry on top of this master plan is that we can inspire people to do the same as we are. Read more about our activities here and start your own action plan for sustainable travel!