Embrace the beauty of Mai Chau with Avana Retreat's kayak tour

If you are in need of some time with nature yet also love some adventuring on the go, Avana Retreat kayak escape is the perfect option for you. Dive into the water and admire the breathtaking mountain vista of Northwestern Vietnam. Follow nature's guidance as you uncover its hidden beauty. 

The Fun Of Rowing A Kayak

You will venture on a kayak - a small watercraft that propels by a long paddle. Each kayak will fit from one to two visitors, and life jackets will be provided to secure safety. First-timer might find kayaking hard to grasp at first but fear not, as we have guides that will instruct you step by step to row the kayak.

A kayak is a small and long-hand rowing boat, it is like a leaf gliding on the water

Kayak Tour of Avana Retreat

Have an early breakfast and head to the local pier. From here, you will set off your boat into the centre of Hoa Binh Lake. This scenic spot is gently tucked away at the foothills of Thung Khe Pass. The route to Hoa Binh seems uneasy, but you may enjoy the lovely landscape along the way: idyllic Muong homes, water lily fields, and rocky reefs.

Hoa Binh Lake belongs to Mai Chau, a wild and poetic lake area

Hoa Binh Lake is a vast body of water with a peaceful, mirror-like surface that perfectly reflects the shape of the sky and clouds. As if the horizon line was erased, everything merges into one surreal scenery. 

Gear up, spirit on, and hit the water

Sway your paddles and discover nature along the way.  What could be more lovely than paddling along the water in a kayak while admiring the picturesque location of the mountain and taking in the fresh, pleasant atmosphere? Wrap up the half-day journey of Avana Retreat kayak escape with lunch at a local’s house while taking in the picture-perfect lake vista.

Discover splendid rock formations along the journey

Kayaking is a well-liked pastime. Kayaking is a simple and environmentally friendly sport that brings you much stillness and concentration. When paddling, all that is present is you, the paddler, and the chilly waves. After 90 minutes of rowing, the sensation of freedom is a reward that is worth every mental and physical challenge.

A half-day journey in natural bliss

Besides the Avana Retreat kayak escape, there are many tours to explore and admire the natural beauty that Avana Retreat has for you here.