Let Avana Retreat trekking tour takes you on an excursion of Mai Chau's beautiful topography, nature, and culture

Avana Retreat is where wild nature and indigenous culture blend beautifully. We aspire to showcase the unspoiled beauty of Northwestern Vietnam, as well as introduce local culture with authenticity. Therefore, our trekking tour is an activity that can do justice to the vision. Where the bird hums, leaves rustle, and lovely hamlets lie, are you ready to join the Avana Retreat trekking tour? Scroll down and have a closer look with us!

Trekking to Hmong village

Crossing trails that only the natives know, the resort's guide will lead you to walk under the trees and explore the ecosystem in the cool primeval forest of Mai Chau. You will have the chance to visit Hmong ethnic groups in their homeland. Interacting with the locals here, you can’t help but fall in love with the culture, but also the people and their pastoral way of life in the mounts. 

Walking beneath the lush foliage

Lunch and drinking water will be prepared by the resort, so you only need to bring the necessary personal items like sunblock, sunglasses, a hat, or a camera to capture memorable moments.

Fresh, unspoiled streams you encounter on the way

Avana Retreat trekking tour to Hmong village usually starts from 9 am to 4 pm. Have a good sleep the night before to set off in good shape. Long treks might erode your strength, so it is important to maintain a high spirit along the journey. Let your child uncover their “Indiana Jones” instinct, as children from 10 years old can fully participate in this tour for extra exercise and helpful lessons.

The rustic, yet solid bridge passing over the stream

Adventure trekking

A challenging route with steep hills and rough patches, this trekking tour is more suitable for people aged 15 and more. To ensure safety, we do not advise you to register for the tour during the rainy season, since the weather will make the road more slippery and dangerous.

Explore nature in the primeval forest

Enjoy the beautiful view of Mai Chau from the hilltops

You will learn about the Hmong culture at Cang Village and gain a deeper knowledge of minor ethnic groups' life and culture when visiting their villages. The fields in ripe season will sure to evoke and refresh your senses with their pleasant and calm aroma. A picnic lunch in the middle of nature is also an experience that you cannot forget when joining the Avana Retreat trekking tour.

Walking through the fragrant fields of ripe rice

For attentive tourists who want to appreciate the landscape, our trek tour offers natural paths that display the biodiversity, and the tropical rainforest ecosystem of Vietnam perfectly. You might run into a wide variety of flora and faunal life. Feel free to examine them all, but please take particular care not to hurt or disturb them.

Enjoy the great outdoors with the Avana Retreat trekking tour and relish in natural bliss and authentic culture. Read more about our experiences here