Avana Retreat uniform - a cultural appreciation for the Blue H'mongs

Contributing to creating a homogenous cultural space, the Avana Retreat uniform is inspired by the costumes of the Blue H'mong - an ethnic minority residing in Mai Chau. With ornamental blue Batik fabrics, which are frequently embellished with appliqué, cross-stitching, and patchwork,  the traditional costumes of the H'mong ethnic people are truly unique. Let's see how Avana Retreat embraces the local culture with our uniform down below!  

Avana Retreat uniform is inspired by local culture

Culture in every seam

Dyeing indigo and weaving brocade are two of the most distinctive techniques of the Blue H'mongs. Most of their clothes do not have vibrant colors (mainly indigo blue, red, brown, and blue-black), but that does make them boring and dull. Brilliant colorways with meticulous embroidery are beautifully presented through every outfit.

Bringing a delicate and elegant touch to the uniform, brocade patterns are embroidered on small details like the collar and the wrist.

From details on the collar....

...to patterns on the wrist, brocade patterns are a crucial part of the uniform

In addition, the cloth belt - a characteristic of the H'mong Xanh is also modified in the Avana Retreat uniform, you can see it worn by staff in the Orchid Spa and the Green Chili restaurant.

The belt of the spa staff is based on Blue H'mong's traditional belt

Design in harmony with the natural space

Neutral colors, accented with indigo blue or earthy orange, Avana Retreat uniforms as part of nature, harmonizing but not blending into the landscape. Each seam and fold are thoroughly sewn, highlighting the beauty of the costume in a charming natural setting.

Indigo color is a signature hue of Blue H'mong, dyed from indigo tree

Warm, earthy tones are usually paired with beige for an elegant, close-to-nature look 

Avana Retreat uniform in action

The staff makes a good first impression on every visitor, thus their attire will be crucial during those times. Avana Retreat wants to leave its impression on each visitor by showcasing the splendor of Northwest culture through the uniforms. Therefore, we want the staff to wear the Avana Retreat uniform with style, comfort, and pride.

Spa staff uniform

Chef uniform

Green Chili Service staff uniform