Discover the hidden gems of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Asia's most beautiful countries. The nation draws many visitors from all over the world due to its thriving towns, stunning beaches with golden sand, and green highlands from North to South. However, overcrowding has resulted in some locations losing their pure beauty. Therefore, more tourists are searching for off-the-beaten-track destinations in Vietnam to enjoy the unspoiled nature and healthy tourism. Enjoy the list of the 5 most stunning undiscovered treasures from every region of Vietnam.

Mai Chau - Hoa Binh

Countless rice fields, villages of ethnic minorities, and a few small waterfalls may be found in a 30-kilometers drive from Mai Chau's bustling town center. Spend the day kayaking on Hoa Binh Lake, a lovely body of water surrounded by jungle-covered hills. Visit Pu Luong Nature Reserve instead, where cold, fresh streams meander through the forest, feeding waterfalls and turquoise pools. 

Emerald terrace fields that is too mesmerizing to be true

Ban Lac, Xom Panh, and other villages scattered around are home to friendly, rustic ethnic Thai and Hmong villages, with stilt houses and emerald green rice fields. Homestay is the choice if you want to experience highland life on a budget. Join in traditional Thai music and dances with the locals and get a little bit tipsy in their traditional alcohols.

Join the Thai Xoe Dance and bond over good moments

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Tighten your love with a dinner by Pung waterfall in Avana Retreat

National park Cuc Phuong - Ninh Binh

For a weekend vacation where you can unwind and have the chance to learn more about the local environment, Cuc Phuong National Park is a great option. You can explore Cuc Phuong's diverse flora and fauna, take in the area's breathtaking natural scenery, and engage in a number of outdoor sports like camping, trekking, cycling,...You may observe flocks of fluttering butterflies obstructing the sky from late April to mid-May. On bright days, butterflies are more prevalent, giving the woodland its vibrant color. Such a colorful and enchanting view.

Cuc Phuong Hot Mineral Water Resort is the perfect place to book your stay in Ninh Binh. With pleasant scenery, fresh air all year round and just over 2km from Cuc Phuong National park, relaxation and adventure will be at your fingertips.

Flocks of butterflies can instantly take to the air with a little hand waving (Source: Internet)

Phan Rang - Ninh Thuan

Kitesurfing along the coastline, wine tasting at local vineyards, visiting Phuong Cuu salt field, sliding through Nam Cuong sand hills, exploring Nui Chua National Park… There are so many things to do in and around Phan Rang - the capital of Ninh Thuan

If you love to dive into local culture, Po Long Garai is a venue you shouldn't skip. Notable for its architecture, distinctive brick color, and sculptural patterns, the tower has long been a symbol of the Cham people. We advise visiting the Ninh Thuan museum first to learn about the local culture before touring the temple complex.

Located right at the beautiful Ninh Chu beach, Hoan My Resort Phan Rang is an ideal destination in the Ninh Thuan area that offers comforting accommodation, full-pack tours, and great service. 

The nearly 800-year-old architecture reflects the traditional features of the Cham people
(Source: Internet)

Tra Su Cajuput Forest - An Giang

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the perfect place to visit if you're smitten with the beauty of the natural world. You will have the chance to venture through the typical environment of mangrove forests and have close contact with a series of water birds and tropical wildlife. 

Submerge yourself in the green carpet of duckweed (Source: Internet)

Once entering further, you will switch to a manually controlled boat to go deep into the nook and cranny of the forest. Without any engine noise, you will just gently drift along the water, weaving between small creeks, through the cajuput canopy overhead. Touch the cool water and enjoy the beauty of golden flowers and green wonderland cajuput. 

Sang Nhu Ngoc and Victoria Nui Sam Lodge are the two most famous hotels in An Giang that is sure to meet your every demand with dedicated service and luxurious settlements. 

Pleiku - Gia Lai

Be mesmerized by the grand vistas, rich history, and culture of the land that once went through blood and fire - Pleiku. Tucked away in Vietnam's Central Highlands, the city used to be the location of an American Air Force Base. Over time, Pleiku is now a destination preserving lush nature, rich culture, and valuable history.

The vast, yet poetic T'nung Lake is among the best off-the-beaten-track destinations in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Enjoy the breathtaking and poetic view of T ’Nung Lake - a huge inspiration for musicians. Shaped by a long-gone volcano, the lake is 7km to the northwest of the city, ride on Highway 14 and you will be here in no time. Another famous extinct volcano is Ham Rong lake. Da Quy flower blooms cover the mountaintop trail from October to November, giving it a picturesque scene and a great location for photos.

Renting a homestay is the best way to discover Pleiku, as you will be able to commute with locals, who have the best source of good restaurants and cool locations to visit. 

Ha Giang

The province of Ha Giang is among the venturesome places out there. Drive a loop through Ha Giang to see the most spectacular mountains in Vietnam, high passes, and the distinctive customs of the communities here. The best way to do the loop is by motorbike with an experienced guide, but a safer choice like by car is totally fine. 

Hoang Su Phi is not along the famous loop, but trekking lovers should not miss this off-the-beaten-track destination as beautiful terraced fields in the harvest season and local villages await them to explore. Don’t forget to reach the Lung Cu Flag Tower - the tallest flag tower in Vietnam, and check in at the most northern point of the country. Ha Giang is especially beautiful at the end of the year when the buckwheat flower fields - the region's signature flower, blossom in full glory.

Endless buckwheat flower fields create a poetic scene in Ha Giang province (Source: Internet)

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