Enjoy your October getaway at Avana Retreat

October is one of the most beautiful times for you to visit Mai Chau when you can catch sight of the land’s last ripe rice season of the year. Not only the hills are covered with golden rice, but there are also many attractive aspects waiting for you to explore. Find out why you should book an October vacation at Avana Retreat now!

Ripe rice fields

October is the perfect time to admire golden rice fields in Mai Chau, and you can observe them right in Avana Retreat. Right next to Green Chili restaurant, you will be able to inhale the fragrant rice aroma of the terraced fields. In front of our Senna Hilltop Pool Villas (1 and 2 bedrooms) are more beautiful terraces. Waking up in a space filled with the gentle, earthy scent of rice is an experience that urban life can’t compare. 

The pleasant, rustic smell of ripe rice lingers in the air

The rice fields at Avana Retreat were cultivated and harvested by the Hmongs. When the rice is ripe, looking at their happy and radiant faces in the bountiful season is the value that Avana Retreat wishes to cherish.

You can see terrace rice fields right inside Avana Retreat

The Jeep Tour around the vista will let you immerse in the lyrical field even further. Our customized route takes you to the most pristine natural surroundings. Roofless, windowless, the sense of freedom is impeccable during the ride.

Rice fields in the Jeep Tour route

Pleasant weather

Cooler than the blazing summer, warmer than the chilly winter, the lovely autumn touch will bewitch any visitors. With little rain and low humidity, your outdoor plans won’t likely be canceled due to bad weather. You can stroll around the resort, visit Pung waterfalls, follow the wooden bridge to the Orchid Spa hidden deep in the forest, or enjoy afternoon tea in Hidden Spring Lagoon.

Pung waterfall - the heart of Avana Retreat

At the end of October, the valley coats on a beautiful golden hue as harvest season arrives. Enjoy the gentle fall breeze blowing in the soft sunshine that pours honey on ripen rice fields. Nice, pleasant weather would be a cherry on top of your October vacation at Avana Retreat!

Orchid Spa's Yoga House is located by the streams

Lantana flower

Name to one of our accommodations, the Lantana flower is a beautiful flora that blossoms all year round. Whatever time of the year, clusters of Lantana are in full bloom, but autumn is one of the best times to admire the flower. 

It is easy to spot bushes of Lanata sprawling on the roadways around Avana Retreat. Visitors can’t help but fall in love with the beauty of the five-colored flower bushes dancing in the crisp autumn air.

Heated pool

Our Cloud Pool is warmed up when the weather turns cold, so you can completely relax and enjoy swimming in the chilly autumn weather.

Don't hesitate to dive into our four-season pool, even on chilly days

While serving complimentary snacks daily for all guests at 4 pm, Cloud Pool Bar also offers Happy Hour - Buy 1 Get 1 free for a variety of drinks. Admiring the stunning view of Mai Chau valley from the pool’s brink while sipping a glass of tropical cocktail sounds like a great afternoon plan!

Happy Hour offer - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, is available every day in Cloud Pool Bar

Cloud Hunting 

When the weather turns chilly in late October, that is when Avana Retreat's cloud-hunting season begins. The best place to hunt clouds is in the mountain areas, and Avana Retreat is lucky to have one of the best viewpoints to the sea of clouds but is yet to be packed with tourists. 

Avana Retreat is a great place for cloud hunting

Thick, white foamy clouds waddle through the forest, covering the mountain and exposing only the peaks. You can catch sights of the cloud sea in the Cloud Pool Bar or our Viewpoint, so set your alarm early and get ready to see one of the most phenomenal sceneries in Avana Retreat. 

Sea of clouds marching in Cloud Pool Bar

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