Orchid Spa, where the essence of nature converges

Walk along the wooden bridge as it takes you deep into the lush forest, where our calm oasis lies. Orchid Spa is a sanctuary of tranquility and restfulness, where you may feel at ease with your body, mind, and spirit. Indulge in a relaxation paradise and unveil 9 special things about Orchid Spa!

A scene of natural bliss

Orchid Spa is undoubtedly the most stunning feature at Avana Retreat. Secluded yet not isolated, our wellness retreat awaits for you to come and evoke the senses that have long been buried under the hectic urban life. In the primeval forests full of life, recharge both your mind and body with the natural elements of wind, sunshine, water, and soil.

Orchid Spa is nestled deep in the primeval forest

A walk into the woodlands

Orchid Spa’s wooden bridge is built in winding lines, and we do it for good reasons. Wherever a tree branch protrudes, the bridge is slightly curved to avoid it rather than cutting it down. Just a small gesture to keep the ecology unchanged, but it is a part of our conservation effort. Rays of sunshine glimmer through the leaves, birds chirp here and there, gentle breeze caressing your hair, and placid streams flow underneath, You can stroll across this bridge countless times and still be amazed by the beauty here.

The curved wooden bridge takes you deep inside the spa

Relaxing suites

With dimming lights, elegant interiors, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open a view to the natural springs, Orchid Spa’s eight treatment rooms are your scapeway to the wellness utopia. Listen to the whisper of nature through soft springs running across your room while indulging in restorative treatments. For couples looking for romance and privacy, double-bed rooms are available to give them some intimate time while being pampered by our attentive therapists.

Our double-bed room by the stream

Restoration to your wellbeing

Our treatments will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated with 20 options covering your body from head to toe. Orchid Spa offers a wide variety of herbal remedies that heals you inside out, from restorative body treatments to aromatherapy facials. Select a program, starting at 30 minutes and going up to three and a half hours, and then let the magic manifest while letting yourself loose in the harmony of nature.

Choose a program and ease your tensions away

A journey of fragrance

Indulge in aroma pleasure with our collection of essential oils. Extracted from Vietnamese herbs and organic oils like pomelo, peppermint, cinnamon, and lemongrass, each scent embodies different medical properties, yet is sure to bring your body a luscious fragrance and a sense of relaxation.

Aromatherapy is an important part of our treatments

Healing activities

Explore ways to enhance your welfare with our workshop at the Orchid Spa. Try out our candle workshop, where you can choose a favorite essential oil, create your own craft, and take home as a souvenir. Please contact us for more details.

Crafted from the best ingredients, have a go for our candle workshop

Native therapists

A special thing about Orchid Spa that might surprise you: all of our capable and committed therapists at Orchid Spa are locals. Hiring locally is an effort to devote positive impacts to the community of Avana Retreat. We want to give locals a better life by providing them a chance to contribute to their homeland while having proper jobs to work and live well. Place your well-being in the hands of Avana's skilled masseuses and let them take you to your absolute comfort zone.

Our dedicated masseuse in the aromatherapy room

Not just a spa

Orchid Spa offers more than exquisite therapies, as a whole lot of open-to-nature amenities for you to relish around the spa. Have some extra treatments in our sauna and therapy room. If you like keeping up the pace, then go to our gym and outdoor yoga house. 

Practice zen in the yoga house

Chilling by the Koi pond, contemplating on a book from our library and you will find a rainy day in Avana Retreat less bleak and gloomy. 

Koi pond in the morning

An acknowledged service

Besides our beloved guest’s satisfaction, our motivation to strive forward is the prestigious nominations from world-class awards. At the 8th World Spa Award, Orchid Spa was nominated for “World's Best Wellness Retreat 2022”. We take pride in what we believe and what we do, and this is a recognition of the efforts we put into giving our customers the best experience at Orchid Spa. 

Happy customers always make our day

Accompanied by the earthy aroma of trees and flowers and the soothing sounds of a waterfall, your visit to Orchid Spa is a journey to reset, refresh and return to nature. Drop off your worries and dive into endless relaxation with 9 special things about Orchid Spa!