Swimming on colder days with Avana Retreat's heated outdoor pool

When the weather starts to get chilly, outdoor sports might lose their edge, especially a full-in-soak activity like swimming. Here in the resort, we decided to let that concern aside, as our heated outdoor pool is ready for guests to dive on winter days. Experience Avana Retreat’s heated outdoor pool and pick up lots of benefits to your well-being!

Swimming in winter doesn't sound very appealing, but Avana Retreat will make you think differently

Avana Retreat’s heated outdoor pool

Cloud Pool 

Inspired by the signature terrace fields of Mai Chau, our 3-layer Cloud Pool is heated all year round for all guests to immerse into. The water in the pool comes from the waterfall's natural source after being thoroughly processed to eliminate pollutants. Be fascinated by the panoramic view of nature from sunset to dawn.

Observe the Mai Chau valley from the pool's brink

Private pool

Enjoy a sense of privacy in our exclusive heated outdoor pools at Senna Hilltop Pool Villas. Floating freely and not worrying about any disruption sounds more than perfect for those who seek intimate time with their loved ones. Earn your solitude while observing the stunning view of the valleys from the terrace with comfy sofas and sunbeds.

There are only three private pools in Avana Retreat

The benefits of a heated outdoor pool

Keeping the routine go all-year-round

Swimming is an activity that usually goes with summer, so the chilly cold outside might stop you from diving in the water, but heated outdoor pools allow you to get fantastic exercise regardless of the weather. Swim at any time of day and not wait for the sun to rise so that the kids can enjoy splashing about in the morning and the parents can have a quiet dip at sunset!

Maintaining momentum every time of the year in the heated outdoor pool

Wind down in the warm water

Plunging in a heated outdoor pool during the fall or winter months is a strangely refreshing, yet soothing experience. Swimming in warm water is wonderful for easing the stress and strains of everyday life and can have great effects on our mental health. Drive your focus on strokes and breathing without coping with the chilly water!

Cloud Pool on a misty morning

A healing workout

Swimming is actually a great recovery exercise for aching muscles and joints. Work your whole body through some water aerobics without exhausting the muscles, as all strokes are a kind of stretching and help with flexibility.  Ease away your stiff joints and back pains in the warm water and let the temperature do its magic! 

Recover both mind and body in a healthy activity like swimming

Dive into the heated outdoor pool: A few notes

Pool’s depth

With a depth of 1.4 meters, Avana’s swimming pool is suitable for both children and adults.  If you prefer a longer track, our 50-meter-length lower deck is great to test your strokes and turns. 

Not too shallow or too deep, Avana's pool is suitable for all ages

Grab your necessities

Our heated outdoor pool has the ideal temperature to bathe in on winter days, but don't forget to dry off and warm up afterward! Pack your essentials in the canvas bag we prepare for you in the living room.

Warming up

Injuries like cramps occur easily while swimming, especially for those that enter the water stiffly, so proper stretching is necessary to prevent such incidents. 

Afternoon snacks

Take a break and munch on our delicious complimentary snacks at Cloud Pool Bar from 4 to 5.30 pm if you feel a bit hungry. Enjoy a glass of cocktail and make it double in our Happy Hour "Buy-1-Get-1" from 3 to 6 pm daily. 

Pick your favorite cocktail while immersing in sunset glory