The seasons are what a symphony ought to be: four perfect movements in harmony with each other.

Every season, Mai Chau is beautiful in its own way, and the climate in Mai Chau is always welcoming for visitors all year round. Let’s unveil the charm in four seasons with Avana Retreat!


The season of growth and revival, spring is when life’s alive in everything: Happy birds twitter in the branches, occasional spring rains, watering the green buds that have just awakened from the long winter. The landscape is like a poetic canvas, with plum and bauhinia flowers glazing the hills and roads in white. 

White plum flowers blooming, covering the land in spring delight

For the locals in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, spring is the time to celebrate a new year full of growth, hope, and jubilance. Embraced in the warm, pleasant weather, they hold vibrant festivals and pray for good crops, favorable nature, and prosperity. 

Honoring nàng Ban - goddess of the Bauhinia flower, the Hoa Ban festival is one of Thai’s biggest celebrations. Dressed in traditional costumes, they pray for peace and good weather for plentiful crops all year. When the night falls, they join in folk dances next to the campfire. 


If spring is like a prelude with gentle and sweet melodies, then summer is the harmony of vibrance and refreshment. With idyllic terrace fields in the pouring-water season, lush hills lining down to the horizon, and natural streams, nature is a superlative backdrop for outdoor activities. There is plenty of time for you and your family to enjoy activities during the day, as the last rays of sunshine don’t fade out until late sunset. Grasp a good view of the stars, as you can see it best in a clear summer sky. 

Explore nature in the bright daylight

Don’t let the heat defeat you, as the high altitude, fresh air, and greenery shades can cool you down in a beat. Seasonal rains might pour down any minute, but luckily, these sudden downpours flee away quickly. 

Plunging in the pool is the best way for an instant cool down, and there are many resorts in Mai Chau that offer a great bath like Ba Khan Resort, Mai Chau Ecolodge, or Mai Chau Hideaway Lake Resort. But there is no pool as unique as the Cloud Pool in Avana Retreat. This beautiful, 3-layer infinity pool allows you to admire the stunning view of the valley.

Avana Retreat's Cloud Pool and its enchanting valley view


The autumn weather just makes Mai Chau so much more inviting. The summer rains have left a fresh growing life in their wake. A new harvest season arrives, fall florals reach their bloom, and relaxing winds blast away the tropical heat, making it perfect for hiking and trekking trails. 

Walk through the pristine forest and unspoiled streams in trekking tours

Terraced rice fields are a highlight you should not miss this season. Admire the golden hue that dyed the whole land, sense the earthy, ripen scent that lingers in the air, and watch locals joyfully harvesting their fruits with stilt houses scattered between the fields, the experience just arouses a sense of tranquility that is beyond words. 

You can see terrace rice fields right inside Avana Retreat


Coated in a mysterious, pristine aura, winter is no less peaceful and rustic. Traveling to Mai Chau in winter is like diving into a misty wonderland, making the mountain view slightly blurred, yet the unique appeal that hides behind the fog always bewitches those who dare to explore.  

The cold might give you some shivers and quivers, but the weather has something to offer everyone. For a relaxing downtime, cozying up in the blanket with a cup of the when the temperature drops at night sounds quite about right. But those who love the chills can admire the magnificent ​​cloud sea in the early dawn. 

The chilly, misty winter of Mai Chau attracts many tourists

Kia - Pa Co Cave delivers one of the best outlooks to the cotton-white clouds in Mai Chau, but being a well-known spot might get you entangled in tourists in peak season. If you prefer a more private, quiet sight, Avana Retreat is your perfect destination. From October to April, you can float on cloud nine from our many viewpoints: Cloud Pool, Flying Bed, and Senna Hilltop Villas.

Cloud hunting starts at early dawn

Mai Chau’s precious gem - Avana Retreat is the ideal destination to explore Mai Chau during four seasons while enjoying 5-star amenities amidst poetic nature. Find out more details about Avana Retreat here.