Explore the world of aromatherapy with the Avana Scented Candle Workshop.

Have you ever wanted to craft a candle with only fragrances that you adore? If so, let Avana Retreat make your wish come true. Light up your senses in the sensual, pleasant Herbal Room as you join in the Avana Scented Candle Workshop and craft a candle made of exquisite aromas.

Avana Scented Candle Workshop is placed in the Herbal Room of Orchid Spa

Journey To The Fragrance Dreamland

Dive into the world of aroma with our essential oil collection. Coming in 12 options, you can layer and blend them up with the hand-pour techniques. With traditional herbs, exotic fruits, and florals, there are no limits when it comes to fragrance combinations. Find out your favorite combo and create a scent that is uniquely yours.

Be experimental and excite your sense of smell with the plethora of senses

Learning By Doing

Learn how to create your candle with guidance from our instructors, with equipment ready for you to dig into the process. Register with your loved ones and bond over lovely times and fun experiments. Follow step by step as you discover the many uses of scented candles. 

More than a decoration, scented candles greatly help set the mood. Cozy, romantic, elegant, and tranquil, creating the ambiance you want isn’t so hard with a jar of a scented candle. 

Let candles complete your cozy zone with the pleasant fragrance and soft lights

They also come in with a handful of health benefits. Kindle a candle and let the flickering flame warm the space in soft lights, as sensual fragrances seep through the air and calm your senses. A favorite aromatherapy of many people, scented candles help relieve stress, improve sleep, mood, and focus, and even evoke positive memories. 

A Lovely Souvenir To Bring Home

Besides the kind words and praises, a gift to take home is a nice way for guests to cherish their stay at the resort. Bring your creation home and fill the room with the exquisite scents of nature’s finest. Compliment your space with a beautiful ornament that reminds you of the lovely days at Avana Retreat. 

A thing to reminiscent about the good days at Avana Retreat

Avana Scented Candle Workshop 

  • Location: Herbal room in Orchid Spa 
  • Opening hour: Every day from 15:00 - 15:45
  • Maximum guests: 8 
  • Admission fee: Free of charge
  • Please register 1 hour in advance.