Watch Avana's little friends living happily in the lush evergreen

It is strange how peaceful but full of vitality of all things here. From the people to the surroundings, all share a tranquil atmosphere that is unbothered by the city's hectic life. And of course, the happy little animals that reside here are no exception. Come to see our happy little animals living their best life in Avana Retreat!

You can catch sights of the happy little animals at almost every corner of Avana Retreat

Chicken farm

Our hilly, 1-hectare land is home to more than 300 chickens. Every day, they casually roam the cageless farm, dig the ground for food, bathe in the open air, and feast on nutritious meals prepared by our staff. 

Avana's chicken farm cares for animal welfare

Every egg they hatch is collected daily and brought to the Green Chili restaurant for cooking, and believe us when we say organic eggs taste different (in a good way)! We create a comfortable, stimulating environment to keep our little two-foot fellas in good health and stress-free, as happy chickens lay happy eggs. 

Happy eggs for breakfast


Little ducks

In front of Green Chili restaurant lies a lovely pond with carefree, friendly ducks. Their main activities are usually playing in the water, or waddling on the grass fields, looking for a perfect shade to chill under.

After breakfast, you can visit the ducks in front of the restaurant

You can feed the ducks with delicious breadcrumbs in a basket by the pond. Watch them gather in a flock, waiting for your throw, and pleasantly enjoying the bread with a little tail wagging like a greeting wave to every guest passing by the restaurant.

Feed them with breadcrumbs and see the happy tails wagging

Koi pond

On the natural water flowing from the upstream cascades, you can see schools of koi fishes wading with no worries in the world. Actively splashing around, flicking their tails, and wearing vibrant scales are the signs of a healthy, lively fish, and here our fishes have it all! Our happy little animals can also be found in Orchid Spa’s welcome center, where you can observe them in a more peaceful, quiet state while waiting for your treatment preparation.


Beautiful Koi fishes swimming in the freshwater from natural cascades 

Colorful butterflies

Embracing Avana’s pathways are all types of vibrant flowers, and they get more lively when colorful butterflies are around. Their beautiful wings and fluttering flight route dote a unique charm to nature, but they are more than pretty creatures.

A sign of positivity and new beginnings, you can usually see them in spring and summer

(Photos: Yang Leilei)

Like bees, butterflies work hard to do the good part for nature by pollinating flowers and carrying them to other plants to spread new seeds. You can see them feed on the sweet nectar mostly in spring and summer - the season of growth with warm weather - butterflies’ favorite condition to fly and float around elegantly. 

Watch their beautiful patterns spreading as they land on flowers for nectar (Photos: Yang Leilei)