Avana is the place where you can find the connection between mind, body, and soul.

Going to Avana Retreat is going back to nature. The retreat has its rhythms in everything - the wind, the rain, the tree leaves, and the waterfall flow. People go there to reconnect to nature, relax, find peace in mine, and propose. 

Avana Retreat has everything that a Mai Chau resort offers: an idyllic atmosphere, fresh air, age-old tradition and culture, and warm-hearted people. But with its perfect location on the mountain, 30 kilometers from the Mai Chau town, Avana keeps it away from the hustle and bustle of the touristic town to remain its seclusion.

Scroll down to see photos that tell you how beautiful and unique Avana Retreat is.

1. A drone photo that shows very well the unique location of Avana Retreat. All villas are built on the mountainside, covered by the dense leafy canopy. High mountains behind and a waterfall cascading down bring a sense of untouched nature.

2. A closer look at the villa. From this angle, you can see the architecture and materials. The thatched roof is inspired by traditional Thai stilt houses. Earth walls help the villas warm in winter and cool in summer

3. A gravel path leads you to the villa.

4. Like other architectures in Avana, the lobby is designed to have as much sunlight as possible. Dark brown wooden furniture, hand-made cushions with intricate embroidery patterns, decorative porcelain vases on the shelves, and wildflowers give the lobby a delicate look. 

5. Green Chili Restaurant is in a beautiful location. It looks to ponds and waterfalls and leans on the terraced rice field.

6. The restaurant comfortably fits 138 customers and still has generous room to move around. Floor-to-ceiling glasses allow customers to enjoy beautiful landscapes outside while charming rattan lights give a retro feeling.

It has both indoor and outdoor seatings. Stay inside if you like the decoration and convenience, and take a seat outside if you prefer sunlight delight. 

7. 90% of Avana’s staff are local. They come to the retreat with limited education and no knowledge of the hospitality industry. Avana provides skill training programs and job opportunities so they can stay and live well in their homeland.

8. The 3-layer swimming pool stays right next to the Cloud Pool Bar. Its distinctive curved shape is reminiscent of a terraced rice field. 

9. The water in the swimming pool is from the natural source of the waterfall after being carefully treated to remove impurities. From here, views of paddy fields, mountains, and valleys are spectacular.

10. Orchid Spa is nestled in a pristine forest, detached from other facilities. A wooden bridge running along a murmuring stream, under the canopy guides guests to 8 treatment rooms. 

11. More than just a beautiful mountain retreat where people come to relax, Avana is the place where you come to find the connection between mind, body, and soul.