A list of activities to maintain your momentum during the stay

Gentle and peaceful as it is, Avana Retreat does not leave its active visitors unstirred, as they can participate in a wide range of dynamic activities that keeps their body moving, yet blends in perfectly with the tranquility of the place. Have a look and find the best fit for your preference!

1. Jeep Tour

Sitting in the 1975 US. military Jeep, you will embark on a 2-hour road trip with the most experienced, interesting drivers who would take you through a route portraying Mai Chau’s terrain perfectly: woodland, up and down hills. No doors, no cap, the jourey allows you to immerse in the moment and feel every fresh breeze of the beautiful nature. 

Watch more at: Do you love adventure or should I say Jeep?

2. Jungle and Village Trekking

Trekking tour is one of the activities that Avana Retreat highly recommends for avid trekkers, as it tests both their mental and physical state, yet satisfies their hunger of adventure. Tracing off the beaten path, wading through paddy fields might seem arduous, but underneath those hardships are the beauty of an unspoiled, primitive nature waiting for adventurers to explore. Moreover, rest assured because you are in good hands, as all guides are local people of Thai, Hmong ethnic groups and are licensed in trekking.  

3. Visit Hmong Craft Village

Observing the beautiful manner of Hmong women while performing the and fabric dyeing weaving practice would offer visitors a deep insight of their traditions, as well as acknowledging the pride lying in a that has been passed down through generations.You will also have the opportunity to have a taste of the local cuisine, prepard with care. If possible, feel free to arrange the trip on Sunday - when locals hold a weekly tribal market, to blend in with the natives’ traditions and feel the hospitality and warmth they offer.

4. Infinite Pool

Dive into Avana Retreat’s 25-meters infinity pool while enjoying the view of the valley is a must-try. If you can, visit the pool at sunrise and dawn - the two best time of the day to admire the breathtaking scenery. The water is heated everyday to welcome guests in all four seasons. 

5. Fitness Center

Balance your mind and body with Avana Retreat’s well-equipped fitness center. The breathtaking view of the tropical forest would give gym lovers a once-in-a-lifetime work out experience. 

Hopefully, the wide range of dynamic activities that Avana Retreat offers would satisty active visitors and provide a wonderful experience during the stay.