Cloud Pool

Pool with a view

Inspired by the terraced rice fields of Mai Chau, our gorgeous three-layer pool boasts a panoramic view of the valley, rice fields, and the waterfall cascading down through the greenery of the forest. In a four-season pool, the water is always heated for guests to dive in all year round. In the winter, heavy clouds wriggle through the high canopy and blanket the valley in white, and there is no better place to witness this phenomenon than the Cloud Pool. (The actual landscape is subject to seasonality.)

A sea of cloud from our terrace

Beyond the city’s hazy smog, Cloud Pool, like its name, is the ideal spot to seize some clouds. Cloud hunting season at Avana Retreat begins when the weather turns chilly in late October. Set your alarm early and wake up to a sea of clouds coating the whole landscape in white. The clouds usually flux on land every morning, so close you can almost touch them! Surreal and stunning as they are, these walls of clouds will disappear when the golden rays of summer start to shine through, so make sure to visit them before April arrives.

Drinks of your choice

Perfectly located right next to the elegant three-level infinity pool, our Cloud Pool Bar has a panoramic view of the valley, terraced rice fields, and the waterfall. We serve delectable lunches and small plates to satisfy afternoon cravings. At sunset, enjoy magical views from the outdoor terrace as you sip a glass of Fingers of the Dragon cocktail - a perfect blend of vodka, apricot brandy, and marinated artichoke blossom to create a complex flavor profile.

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