Vacations may come to an end, but memories can be treasured and remembered forever, especially when it's an item you can bring home. Therefore, the Boutique Shop of Avana Retreat is here to visualize the memories you have during your stay here. 

Here, you can find a variety of products that are designed and manufactured specifically for the resort. From hand-embroidered cushions, silk robes to essential oils used in Orchid Spa, all products carry Avana Retreat’s gratitude and love for our dear customers. 

Vietnamese Brocade Keychain

Avana Retreat's Little Corner 

Recreate beautiful memories of the fantastic time you had in Avana Retreat through many carefully crafted souvenirs. The Boutique Shop of Avana Retreat offers ornaments and bathroom amenities to highlight your house. As for garments, swimwears and bathrobe are available for both men and women, ensuring high quality and comfort. 

Beeswax Pattern Canvas Bag

Beeswax Pattern Scarf

You can find out about Hmong's beeswax painting culture here.

Relaxing Herbal Massage Oil

With massage oils from Boutique Shop of Avana Retreat, you're in for a whole new level of relaxation. Combining with massage techniques, massage oils aid significantly in toxins and stress removal, nourish your skin with natural, aromatic essence from the herbs and enhance the experience with better sensation. Here's how to utilize massage oil to its full potential:

  • Warm the oil by dispensing a few drops into one hand and rubbing hands together.
  • Apply your hands to the skin and massage in moderate circular motions over the areas of the body that require it the most.
  • Allow the oil to absorb into the skin and do its magic."

Sweet Orange Massage Oil

Natural Essential Oil

The use of natural essential oil dates back 6,000 years ago, and is one of the most ancient, well-known types of therapy to still be applied until today. Start with one of our natural essential oils if you're seeking a natural treatment that provides deep relaxation, treats migraine and improves sleep quality, respiratory problems. There are various ways of essential oil, but here are some of the most common ideas to apply at home:

  • Mix oils with water in a spray bottle and spritz on your pillow and sheet for better sleep.
  • Spray around your bathroom, kitchen, car or use an oil diffuse for fresh fragrance.
  • Place a few drops on a cotton ball in places that need an aroma boost.
  • Add a few drops to very hot or icy cold water, soak with a little cloth, squeeze off the excess water, and use as a hot or cold compress to the treated area.
  • Add 3 - 6 drops with one ounce of unscented body lotion and apply for smooth and fragranced skin.

Caution: Most essential oils must be diluted before being applied to the skin to prevent irritation and burning. If your skin is sensitive, do a reaction test inside of your upper arm for 24 hours.

Avana Retreat's essential oil collection has six different fragrances

Herbal Spa Products

Traditional Vietnamese dried herbs are packed into compressed balls, pillows and eye masks, which all bring a soothing and healing effect on users. While herbal balls can reduce muscle tensions and improve posture by pressing onto the treated area, herbal pillows and herbal eye masks help with better blood circulation and sleep quality.

Herbal pressed ball is used to cure muscle strain 

Orchid Spa Package

Coming in bundles, our aromatherapy is essential to getting your spa fix at home. A full combo of spa wellness will sure to grant you a holistic health rejuvenation and a stress-free state of being. With 13 fragrances to choose from, the Orchid Spa Package is the perfect option for gift sets. 

Orchid Spa Package contains a herbal compressed ball, a herbal eye mask and a herbal pillow

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