Different from the typical hot, muggy weather of summer, Avana Retreat brings visitors a different perspective of summer at the resort located in the midst of highland nature - gentle, fresh and peaceful. Let's feel the summer in Avana Retreat through 10 beautiful moments.

Immerse in the cool water of the swimming pool

Unwind in the open spa and listen to the whispers of nature

Indulge in great movies with an outdoor theater

Stroll on the wooden bridge to discover the jungle and its pristine beauty

Wake up early to catch the sunrise from a private villa

Enjoy the fresh, peaceful space from the private balcony

Practicing yoga by the stream, listening to the sounds of nature

Watch the flowers bloom in the resort

Enjoy summer specialties at Green Chilli restaurant

Experience a private and romantic dinner by a waterfall hidden deep in the forest

Keeping Mai Chau's natural beauty intact, Avana Retreat welcomes you into a peaceful and relaxing vacation with attractive summer offers. More details here.