Thinking of mountains is thinking of a great source of fresh air and vigorous activities. Mountain is wild and free, but it can be romantic, too. It is where you can spend your date far from the city's hustle and enjoy the best sunset in the world.

In Vietnam, the northwest mountain is always one of the most beautiful places, thanks to its spectacular landscapes and rich, colorful cultures from plenty of ethnic groups living in the surroundings. A few luxury resorts have sprung up in the last few years to perfect the mountain experience for travelers, and Avana Retreat is the youngest. First opened in April 2021, it has gained popularity as a romantic getaway. And it must have some reasons to be.

Beautiful Location

A small country road, passing rice fields and sleepy Thai villages, arrives at Avana Retreat, which sits on a lush expanse of property with mountains, hills, valleys, paddy fields, streamlets, and waterfalls. 3-hour drive from Hanoi and another 1 hour from Mai Chau Town, this retreat is in its world of tranquility, peace, and charm: A place for couples seeking blue skies, mountain air, bucolic countryside views, and sheer solitude.

Elegant Style 

Perched on the mountainside, 36 villas share a minimal and natural design, with the materials and architecture inspired by ethnic groups living in the surroundings. The eath-walls and thatched roofs blend beautifully into the mountain landscape; spacious balconies own picturesque views, and a three-level infinity pool looks over the fields and valleys. All very intimate and private while still feeling very much of the connection between nature and culture. It hasn't been mentioned yet that only 36 villas are sharing a large area, but the owners have committed themselves to this number so Avana Retreat's guests can feel like having the whole place to themselves.

Villas with Spectacular Views

Each villa boasts its own charm for a tropical retreat with a spacious balcony and bathtub. Both look over the surrounding nature with a lot of green and sunlight. There is a coffee maker in the room and big sofas with cushions outside, newlyweds can sit comfortably with a cup of coffee to enjoy the fresh air and spectacular mountainscapes from afar while sharing stories. From the category of Bauhinia Moutain Suites, a table with two chairs is set up on the balcony for private in-villa dining as requested. 

Tasty Menu

Sitting next to the terraced rice paddies, the Green Chili Restaurant gazes out over the ponds and waterfalls. You won’t want to miss breakfast which menu items include the highly rated Phở Bò, homemade bread, and fresh eggs from the Avana Retreat chicken farm. Fusion food is done well with the finest ingredients. The local menu is a perfect expression of the cultural and natural identity of the region. There are outdoor tables to sit at and enjoy the peaceful country atmosphere on beautiful days.

One-Of-A-Kind Dining Experience

Private dining by a waterfall is the first and only experience in Vietnam that only Avana Retreat has to offer. When the sun sets behind the mountains, the wooden bridge is lightened up by candles, creating a romantic atmosphere. You will be led through a forest, in the murmuring of streams, to the heart of the retreat. A natural waterfall provides a stunning backdrop for a private table set for two with an exquisite menu and a dining team that helps transform your night into unforgettable moments.

There are other activities that couples can enjoy together at Avana Retreat. It includes a sunset cocktail by the infinity pool with panorama views of mountains, a private Jeep ride to visit the countryside, or getting pampered in a special Spa treatment for couples in the lush views of nature. This place is a truly romantic hideout where happy moments are created by love and attentive care.