In recent years, travelers worldwide are shifting to a new tourism trend: while looking for ways to rest and relax, they demand a peaceful mind-clearing quietude, a well-being holiday that can only be found away from the cities. While sun-shining beaches remain a classic go-to option, heading to the hills has been an emerging choice in recent years. Offering just as many services as other destinations, the mountain promises to bring many unique experiences for tourists. Let's decipher the heat of mountain retreats through the 5 reasons below!

Breathe in the fresh breeze

Unscathed by all the pollution that afflicts urban areas, the crisp atmostphere will refresh the smoky lungs of travelers. Ascending to higher ground, they are above the layer of cities’ smog, so prepare to be wowed by the constellations and galaxies that seem too near and clear to be true. Some of the enticing benefits that draw tourists' interest to the unique climate feature of the mountain include suppressing appetite, improving heart conditions, and increasing the circulatory system. 

Avana Retreat welcomes visitors with a fresh atmosphere, filtered by the lush forest surrounding the resort

Irresistible nature

Vast greenery vistas, gushing waterfalls, and mirror lakes characterize the nature surrounding most mountain resorts. Steep meadows, vast pastures, and rock-hard alps, all seem challenging to reach at first, yet there is so much beauty lying underneath such impressions. From small bumps to twisting roads, everything has a story to tell, all waiting to be explored. With desolated ranges that stretch to infinity, the Northwest of Vietnam is a place worth visiting for mountain lovers. Nestled in the beautiful land Mai Chau, Avana Retreat - Vietnam's top mountain retreat is blessed with a majestic landscape, year-round flower season, and emerald fields.

Terraced fields that head out to the glorious mountains is the highlight of Avana Retreat

A plethora of activities to dive in 

There are numerous activities to offer for the adventurous junkies all year round: hiking, trekking, camping, biking, skiing, and more awaits. Active as most of the activities are, the mountains also spare some space for those who prefer more calming routines. They can simply ‘sit back, relax and enjoy the view’, or start with a leisurely ride or gentle hike. Do whatever that works, as long as those boots are laced up and ready to discover the beauty of highland on its own. 

Experience Avana Retreat's exclusive Jeep Tour and go through every type of terrain of the highlands

See a different life on the hills

From the isolation made by the rugged, rocky topography, centuries of peaceful coexistence with nature have forged communities with distinct cultures, invariant attachment to nature, and heart-warming hospitality for travelers who cherish the land much as they do. Compared to commercial tours, getting to know the locals and learning about the authenticity of the land, their traditions, cuisine, and way of life is undoubtedly a unique experience. Home of the Thai and Hmong ethnic groups that have resided here for hundreds of years, Mai Chau - where Avana Retreat - Vietnam’s top mountain retreat is located, offers great cultural values and is the pride of Vietnam.

Observe skilled Thai artisans performing their traditional weaving practice

A place for serenity 

There is no better treat for the mind than being close to nature. Ease into inner peace and heal from within by immersing in the midst of the magnificent scenery of the mountains: Observing beautiful valleys for towering peaks, contemplating by the crystal clear river, or feeling the heartbeat of the jungle in every footstep. Only by letting loose in the wild and abandoning all the worries can travelers truly apprehend the philosophy of the mountains: calm, gentle, yet resilient, as an old Chinese proverb states, “No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it”

Avana Retreat is proud to be one of the best mountain retreats in Vietnam

A mountain retreat is the ideal setting for relaxation and recreation, thanks to the spectacular mountain vistas, refreshing climate, wildlife, and exciting cultural insights. Travelers are granted the freedom to break out from the hectic daily routine and widen their horizons, sculpting their reality and setting out on a self-discovery trip to come home restored and revitalized. Visit Avana Retreat - Vietnam’s top mountain retreat, for a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence in the lush highlands and learn more here.