It’s been a crazy couple of years for everyone. We’ve worked from home,  kept a safe distance from friends and family, and haven’t got the chance to experience the outdoors. We’ve been more vulnerable. In fact, the pandemic opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of taking care of their bodies and minds. People now realize that health is wealth.

The natural environment is set to become an essential element for spa-goers.

In 2022, the world of wellness has been witnessing a flood of moving away from the old formal to approach a concept concerning physical and mental well-being. Focusing on the reunion with nature is becoming a growing trend for spas worldwide. It has proven numerous benefits, such as reducing hormone levels, lowering blood pressure, and boosting our mood and self-esteem. The natural environment, the choice of sustainable raw materials, organic ingredients, and an extensive menu of healing therapies are set to become essential elements for spa-goers. Therefore, they are preferring spas with the nature concept more nowadays.

Three beautiful things that Spas with Nature Concept benefits us

The spa has known for its help in managing stress, making skin more radiant, enhancing sleep, relieving pain, and giving relaxation. But there are other benefits that only spas with nature-concept can offer:

1. Enhance Our Connection with The Natural World

Humans have been long known for being involved in nature. Spending time in nature has proven to reduce stress, support well-being, and benefit our mental health. 

Walking bare feet to a spa in the wood

Green spas combine many natural features into their designs and therapies to make the customers feel like they are on an excursion into a world of nature. Perfect locations with perfect views of gorgeous beaches or tropical forests, outdoor treatments, nature-based products, the experiences there are just incredible. Let’s imagine taking a walk to the spa in a wood. The moment we see the dense canopies and smell the cool air, we will have an overwhelming sense of calm and vitality. 

2. Awake All Our Senses

Spa with nature concept is often located within a rich natural environment, embraced by wind, sunlight, water, and earth. When we visit the Spa, we see the trees, touch the water, smell the damp air, hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling, and we feel the gentle care of the therapist on our skin during the treatment. We become more aware of our surroundings and notice the small details around us. Our bodies and senses awake by the surprise that nature has plenty. 

A guest is enjoying a spa treatment at Orchid Spa, Avana Retreat

Enjoying a treatment in a beautiful place also helps develop our senses. The location can have a view of the endless sky, and a sea, or hide deeply in a forest and overlook the waterfalls and streams like Orchid Spa at Avana Retreat - the 2021 Asia’s Leading Retreat. The power of natural surroundings in this Spa is alive and calls us to experience ourselves more deeply in the feeling of “being one with nature.”

3. Practice Our Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a Buddhist practice of focusing on the present moment, on what you’re sensing and feeling without judgment. It’s linked to improving mental health and reducing depression by 58%. 

Let's create a moment to grow feelings of happiness

Spas with the  nature concept let us know that we’re always unconsciously influenced by the surroundings, so their design focus on increasing relaxation and easing tension. Everything there, from the beautiful location and the aromatic herbal scent to the rhythm of nature and the tranquil ambiance, encourage us to switch off, leave all our troubles at the door, and embrace the NOW. 

Do you remember when the last time you gave yourself a treat was? Days become more hectic, repetitive, and predictable, making our life tired and stressful. Now, it’s time to do more than just turn off your phone; it’s time to slow things down and learn to savor every moment. Let’s create more opportunities to grow feelings of happiness by enjoying nature therapies at a spa.