When thinking of honeymoon vacations, planning a wedding proposal, or rekindling love, it’s easy to dream of relaxing on a secluded beach or a remote mountainous area, sleeping in a honeymoon suite, and having a romantic dinner. If the hotel can set up your dinner privately, even better.

Located on a lush expanse of property with mountains, hills, valleys, and paddy fields in the northwest mountain of Vietnam, Avana Retreat, nominated as Asia’s Leading Retreat 2021, knows how to exceed your expectations and wow your loved one with an extremely romantic dinner - dining by the waterfall, complete with flowers and candles, wine and a gourmet menu, and spectacular nature as your backdrop, soundtracked by the sound of the jungle. 

Fall in love with the lush nature at Avana Retreat (Photo by Adrian Anh Tuan)

Speak The Language of Love Amidst Nature

Effort, hard work, laughter, joy, sorrow, and memorable moment, all are responsible for people falling in love. At Avana Retreat, they help add spice and romance to your relationship. When the twilight falls on the mountain peaks, the entrance to the waterfall is closed. The retreat reserves its most beautiful place for yourself and your loved one. A wooden bridge runs across beautiful streams, under the dense tropical forest, taking you deep to the heart of the retreat, where you can toast to good times in the air of privacy, intimacy, and seclusion. 

Go deep to the heart of the retreat, where you can toast to good times

Embrace A Truly Romantic Experience 

Wear love on your sleeve and take your beloved on an experience that both of you will never forget - dining by the waterfall. The twinkling candles light up both sides of the bridge and will lead the way as the cool jungle breeze plays with leaves overhead. A private dinner features a heavenly setting next to a natural waterfall with flowers and a bottle of wine, lit by lights from lanterns and candles. A land of wonders and romance, just like everyone's dream. And then, trees and water play their alluring serenades of nature, filling the last sense.

Avana Retreat knows how to exceed your expectations and wow your loved one (Photo by Adrian Anh Tuan)

Savor Incredible Cuisine

Set down for a seven-course meal of fusion delights. The menu is prepared by the retreat’s chef to your taste. It showcases exquisite delicacies such as delicately bruschetta, pan-seared foie gras, chestnut soup, perfectly grilled Wagyu beef, and creamy crème brûlée to make your evening sweeter and happier. A chef and a private waiter will be there to satisfy every need you may have, privately. 

Are you ready to fall in love again? Do it in the midst of nature with Avana Retreat's exclusive experience - dining by the waterfall.