Outperforming famous resorts, Avana Retreat has been awarded Asia’s Leading Retreat 2021 in the 8th World Travel Awards - regarded as the “Oscar” of the tourism industry. Avana Retreat has established itself as a prominent and potential name in the industry, despite being in business for only more than a year. Let’s see what the resort has to offer!

Honorable Ideology

Avana Retreat aspires to be a resort that contributes good acts ​​​​not only to customers but also to the community and the environment. Saying no to single-use plastics, on-site chicken and duck farms, and creating jobs for ethnic minorities are just a few of the many committed efforts towards the goal. The motivation for us to carry out this mission comes from the true love of local nature and culture, not because of trivial commercial attentions.

Exclusive privacy

There are only 36 bungalows were erected throughout the huge 15-hectare area. The number of villas in Avana is somewhat limited, however, the resort aims to bring visitors a private, unbothered experience in the mountains without the hustle and bustle of commerce. Surrounded by lush forests, the only sound visitors can hear is the call of nature.

Beautiful architecture

Bungalows resemble ethnic stilt homes and mix in perfectly with the massive forest, terraced rice fields, and vast huge valley below. The villa's thatched roof, rattan ceiling, and earth walls were created by ethnic craftsmen who were invited to offer their skills to perfect the craft and contribute authenticity to the settings.

Natural landscape

With the desire for visitors to admire the wild and majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains, Avana Retreat has spent a lot of time building the resort to honor nature. Not only keeping each rock and each ancient tree intact, but Avana also keeps the natural waterfall flowing around the resort - considered the heart of the resort. Avana Retreat also greens more than 10 hectares of empty hills, allowing indigenous people to build terraced fields, plant on the resort's premises, and enjoy the fruits of the harvest season.

Unique experience

We offer many exciting activities for guests to participate in during their stay. From cultural experiences to nature exploration, family activities, and craft workshops, Avana has something for everyone. All activities ensure safety for participants but are no less intriguing and memorable. 

Avana Retreat aims to embrace local culture at its best assets. From the architecture, village tour, and vocational training for local people to the on-site museum, this is all part of the effort in treasuring the culture of the ethnic minorities living here.

Treatments for the body and soul

Orchid Spa is a healing haven that emphasizes indulgence and relaxation with a full variety of body treatments and facials customized to each guest's preferences. Eight separate treatment rooms offer a truly satisfying and unwinding experience while seamlessly blending into nature. 

Authentic feedbacks

Avana Retreat is fortunate to have received a lot of feedback from customers. There are compliments and criticisms, but all of those feedbacks are the incentive for us to develop and improve services.

“Stunning retreat is hidden away in Mai Chau. Built around a waterfall, we felt close to the land. My favorite spot was the yoga pod, where meditation comes easy besides the water. Best to stay at least three nights, two felt too short for us. We decided to change our flights and booked the next night to enjoy Avana for a brief moment more”  - Fanny (United Kingdom)

Best hotel in Vietnam! The location is astounding! The way the resort was designed is amazing. So much love went in every little detail. I didn’t expect to find a place like this in Vietnam. Especially during the wintertime, this is an amazing destination. The highlight is of course the waterfall that flows throughout the resort. Having mainly domestic guests at the moment the lack of English is not such a big problem but needs to improve in the future. But despite the language barrier, the staff is super friendly and very trying” - Via (Australia)

“Spending 2 nights are not enough for me, it can be a week over without a doubt. The resort has a stunning landscape with an amazing view down to the village and is completely private. Huge villa with a large balcony which you can overlook to the billions dollar view, its decoration is so detailed and creative which made from local material & culture that brings you a unique vibe.” - Kang Lam (Ho Chi Minh City)

Diversity of natural beauty, respect for local culture, dedication in every corner, and devotion to each service... are the things that make Avana Retreat the Asia's Leading Retreat 2021