Located in the middle of Mai Chau, surrounded by mountains and forests, Avana Retreat offers a relaxing and impressive vacation with pristine and beautiful natural beauty. Therefore it is best to uncover nature on your own feet. Laces up, gears on, and get some mountain air now. Don't forget to save 7 activities in the great outdoors at Avana Retreat for your trip.

Swimming in spring water

Satisfy your passion for swimming with Cloud Pool - a 3-deck infinity pool overlooking the valley and Hidden Spring Lagoon - a natural lake nestled in the forest. 

Hidden Spring Lagoon - Avana's natural outlet for some private time

If Cloud Pool is the ideal hunting spot for clouds, Hidden Spring Lagoon is suitable for having some private, romantic time and exploring the mysterious beauty of the forest.

Cloud Pool - the ideal spot for cloud hunting

Visit the waterfall

The inspiration to form Avana Retreat, Pung Waterfall - a natural waterfall located within the resort's premises is a definite place you must visit to drop yourself into a cool and peaceful space.

Pung Waterfall - the heart of the resort

Flying bed experience

Like an overhead observatory, the flying bed will give you a bird's-eye view of nature and the entire resort. Practicing yoga in the mountain air while observing the dreamy dawn is something yoga lovers cannot miss!

The flying bed is perfect for your morning yoga routine

Watching movies outdoors

The large lawn next to Green Chili restaurant every Sunday to Friday night will become an outdoor cinema with comfortable lazy chairs. Watching movies under a thousand stars is surely unforgettable!

Relax and chill with our outdoor cinema, opening in the weekend 


The fishing lake at Avana Retreat is both suitable for you to give yourself some quiet time and also suitable for family activities to keep memories together. Master the art of patience and enjoy your reward at lunch.

Practice the art of patience with fishing (Photo by Adrian Anh Tuan)

Explore Jeep tour

Sitting on a spacious, windowless Jeep, enjoying the natural space with the senses: inhaling the fresh mountain air, the scent of the mountains, the fields, enjoying the beauty that few people know about... is a rare experience with a Jeep tour -  one of the most iconic activities in the great outdoors at Avana Retreat.

Dash through the forest in our 1975 US Jeep


Cross the hills and forests to receive the "reward" of the majestic and peaceful natural scenery. You can choose from gentle trekking tours or challenge yourself with a little adventure, but ensure safety with an experienced local guide.

Explore nature on your own feet with Trekking Tour

To learn more about our 7 activities in the great outdoors at Avana Retreat, please see the details here.