Avana Retreat is a 15 hectares expanse of pure bliss: streams, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, and forests, and we work hard to gather all the natural essence, which is proudly embodied in each dish. The following 5 culinary experiences at Avana Retreat will mark an impressive and romantic vacation that you should not miss!

Dining by the waterfall

Warm up your love with an exclusive culinary experience in Avana Retreat - dinner by the Pung Waterfall - the heart of the resort. We know exactly the recipe of love and have it all prepared for you: dazing candles, flower petals, intimate mood, and of course, exquisite cuisine. Our seven-course meal will take you on a gastronomic excursion that is sure to lighten both your love and your taste buds. Beef Wellington is a go-to classic choice, but Lobster Cognac Flambé is also an option if you are prone to a more exotic appetite. Both dishes go well with a bottle of Antinori Toscana IGT. 

Romantic date night, just for you and your loved one

Afternoon Tea at Hidden Spring Lagoon

Visit Hidden Spring Lagoon and enjoy your afternoon tea in the midst of nature, with premium teas, cakes, and snacks. Like Avana Retreat’s secret garden, Hidden Spring Lagoon is nestled in the woods, yet is just a few walks away from the Green Chili restaurant. Dipping your feet in the fresh natural water, gazing at the sunlights threading through the leaves while enjoying a glass of Pol Roger Brut "Cuvée" de Réserve sounds like a great afternoon plan.

It is also an ideal spot for a date night. Bathe in the cool water by afternoon, then come back at night for a private dinner. We serve two sets of menus - Lagoon Chill & Night Breeze, which both fuse Vietnamese and European cuisine elegantly. 

Green Chili Restaurant 

Residing by the mountain foot, Green Chili Restaurant opens an incredible outlook of the resort. Regardless of whether you choose the space inside the restaurant, you can easily enjoy the beautiful scenery, thanks to the infinity glass wall that spills from the ceiling to the floor.

The outdoor space of the restaurant

Enlivening the space, a Koi pond and duck pond are placed in front of the restaurant. Watching the fishes and ducks leisurely resting, and diving in the sun feel strangely peaceful.

Green Chili Restaurant from above

Happy Hour At Cloud Pool Bar

After hours of diving in the pool, Cloud Pool Bar is the perfect place to rest, and ingest. Pizza, pasta, sandwich, burger, there are a whole lot of delicious options to fill up your hungry tummy. Complimentary snacks are ready for you to munch on every afternoon. Unlocks a stunning view of the Mai Chau valley, you will be fascinated with the beautiful sunset here, and we have the right drink to accompany you in those magical moments.

Drinks that satisfy both the eyes and the mouth are available at Cloud Pool Bar

Don't miss our daily 15:00 - 18:00 Happy Hour, with a Buy-1-Get-1 offer, applicable to Mocktails, Cocktails, Wine by the Glass, Beer, and Ciders.

In-Villa Dining

Experience culinary elite at your own suite with our in-villa dining service. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are at your service from morning til night. Each villa in Avana Retreat is designed to bring our guests ultimate comfort, privacy, and a beautiful scene of nature, so if you are in the mood to curl up in your blanket, call our hotline, order a mouthful of deliciousness and enjoy the exclusive view from your own villa.

Private meal at your own villa

From Northwest specialties to exquisite fusion dishes, you will have a variety of choices to enjoy with 5 culinary experiences at Avana Retreat.