Nature is the phenomena of creation, it is where life begins and thrives, yet the most beautiful things of life may perish if people do not take steps to protect them. Therefore, nature reservation is becoming more necessary than ever. Let’s take a closer look at the matter with Avana Retreat!

Protecting nature should be done as soon as possible

Tourism Benefits Environment: why not?

The pandemic has shed a different light on the tourism industry: A sustainable, nature-oriented way of traveling is finding its way to the top search. After days of lockdown, people are looking to unwind in the cool, fresh air of nature without being crammed with unethical tourist tropes that damage the environment and rotten the heritage. Eco-friendly hospitality is not just a temporary, washed-off trend,  it is the direction for the sustainable tourism industry in the future.

Tourism spots that enhances nature are more preferred by tourists

Hospitality merging with nature

Other than service and amenities, it’s high time that hotels bring nature close to customers’ experiences and spoil them without spoiling anything else. Adapting nature reservation practices are the first step in changing the business on a 'greener' path. 

Regardless of shape and size, every action of nature reservation counts 

There are endless ways to have a good influence on the environment and community. From the little “save water and electricity” note, and the glass bottles to bigger actions like promoting and switching to eco-friendly material, whether it is a small gesture or an impactful program, all practices help contribute to a better tourism industry that co-develops with nature.  

Avana Retreat and the responsibilities

As nature lovers, we acknowledge the great liability of tourism in nature restoration, therefore, nature reservation has always been our first and foremost priority. Here are some of Avana’s efforts in protecting and nurturing the Mai Chau landscape: 

More than ten hectares of woodland have been planted in Avana and the surrounding area.

Winding bridges are built to avoid cutting tree branches and twigs

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are great for natural lights and reducing energy usage

Natural waterfalls, streams, and lagoons remained as they are, you can hear the whispers of nature in every corner of the resort