30 kilometers from the Mai Chau Town center, and only 4 kilometers from Avana Retreat, Ban Buoc (Buoc Village) boasts idyllic rice fields dotted with tiny stilt-houses, a hanging bridge, and murmuring streams. It is not the place for hard-core activities, but it’s perfect for biking, leisure hiking, and relaxation

The Village Is Very Clean

One thing I like the most about Buoc Village is its cleanness. The locals are practicing responsible travel so you won’t find any trash on the roadsides as in many other villages in Vietnam. Buoc Village has more than 100 families, all are ethnic Thai, living in traditional stilts houses. The people are very friendly and hospitable. It’s easy to meet a warm smile while exploring the village and you can always stop at a house to ask for a cup of water or have some talks with its owner. 

Mr. Nhieu’s Homestay

About 20 families are doing a homestay in Buoc Village, but the most well-known homestay might be Mr. Nhieu’s homestay. Mr. Nhieu has welcomed travelers to his beautiful stilt house since 1992. After 30 years, Mr. Nhieu has become an old Thai man. Their homestay is run by their son now but visitors still can meet Mr. Nhieu cordially telling stories of Thai rituals of the old-time and Mrs. Nhieu weaving on the ancient loop or sitting on a low wooden chair watching the world go by. 

If you want to get closer to the local life, enjoy a lunch with the family. The dishes are cooked by the family’s ancient wood-burning stove that makes them have a smoky smell but delivers a local flavor.

The Trek Is Incredible 

Set in an idyllic valley, surrounded by hills, Buoc Village is famous for its picturesque landscapes. You can discover the hiking trails yourself or ask Mr. Nhieu’s son to be your local guide. Just one kilometer from Mr. Nhieu’s homestay, there’s a small bridge that crosses over a stream. From here, you can see green terraced rice fields rolling onto the horizon.

Continue to the narrow paths between the paddy fields, breathe in the young rice fragrance and fresh mountain air, and witness local farmers working on the fields. You find not only peaceful life and beautiful nature on the trek but also the meaning of slowing down to life. You learn to pause and take time, to enjoy the lightness of living in suspended moments.