Jeeps have long been known as a fun and free vehicle, those that can go anywhere, at any time. Avana Retreat is the first resort in Vietnam northwest mountain to introduce a Jeep tour to its guests. The 2-hour fun ride takes guests to stunning paddy fields and rugged mountain roads thanks to its off-road prowess and all-terrain capability. 

Thanks to its off-road prowess and all-terrain capability, the Jeep can go anywhere.

People might wonder where the tour takes them to? There are many trailheads to explore in Avana’s Jeep tour. The route is a perfect mix of hilly topography, village paths, and gorgeous rural scenery awaiting Jeep enthusiasts.

The tour begins from the Avana Retreat’s back gate. It goes through small Muong and Thai villages where you are caught in local’s everyday life then passes through many rice fields rolling out endlessly. The terraced rice fields here are quite different from iconic terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai or Y Ty because it’s lower terrain. You will see a picture of the peaceful rural countryside rather than an astonishing picture of rice fields stretching from the foot to the top of high mountains.

Rice fields roll out endlessly.

Mai Chau has 2 rice seasons a year. It's all stunning no matter if it's growing or harvesting season.

The vehicle continues to take you into a bamboo forest then hits the Heart Attack Hill. It’s a rough-and-tough drive getting down a steep hillside. It’s challenging and no easy ride, but it’s a joy ride for the adventurous Jeep and ensures an unforgettable experience. 

The Jeep goes into a bamboo forest and goes down a rugged mountain slope.

Ask your driver to stop anytime to behold the picturesque views.

If you go in the rainy season, you have a chance to pass through a stream that’s mostly dry for the rest of the year.


- What time does the tour start?

The Jeep tour is available daily at Avana Retreat from 8:00 to 18:00, but the best time to start is at 8 am as the weather is cool and you have more chances to see farmers working on their fields when driving through the rice fields. 

- How many people can be on tour?

There is a maximum of 4 people per vehicle including a local driver. Persons must be from 12 years of age and up to join the ride. Avana provides private Jeep tours only.

- What do I need to bring? 

Avana’s Jeep tour includes a local driver and water, and even hats for guests. You just need to remember to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from mountain sunlight. And if you have a good camera, bring it with you, too.

Water is included in the tour. Don't forget to bring with you a good camera as you will need it.

- Which Jeep that Avana use in the tour?

That is a 1975 US. Military Jeep. So far, Avana has only 2 Jeeps so book in advance to make sure you have a slot. 

- How to make the ride more fun?

Book lunch at a traditional Thai stilt house. The house owners will catch the fish in the pond, pick fresh vegetables in the garden, and prepare delicious local dishes for you.