It’s a Rainy, Rainy Day
Go get your raincoat, and put your boots on
We’ll go puddle jumping
Twirl our umbrellas and do a rain dance
Splish and splash with a song and a laugh.
(Milkshake - Rainy Rainy Day)

For some people, rain might be sad. But for many of us, rain is beautiful and enjoyable. Rain brings memories of our childhood when we got drenched, jumped into the paddle, and laughed loudly. Those happy memories make us smile and bring peace to our minds.

For many of us, rain recalls happy memories of our childhood.

At Avana Retreat, rain is truly something special. Not only because of the above reasons but also because of the extraordinary setting of Avana's natural landscape. With mountains, lush jungles, and waterfall as the backdrop, rain creates a magical vibe and mystic beauty of the pristine wilderness.

In the rain, the peaceful Avana transforms into a poetic way, like an old-world of romance. There is a sweet fragrance in the air when the first raindrops hit the ground. Silver trickles of water seep into the soil, nourishing the life beneath. The rain sighs through the air. It changes the green leaves into deeper color, drips small gleam drops from the flowers, and makes a lovely, liting sound when it hits the surface of the streams. The natural music that plays most beautifully in the forest will lure you like a soothing lullaby. You will find your inner peace and feel completely Zen.

Rain draws its own paintings.

Orchid Spa might be the best place to be lost in the beauty of rain. Through the foliage, you see a therapist in her elegant uniform carrying a bamboo basket of spa ingredients and holding an umbrella in the other hand. This image doesn’t bring a gloomy feeling but it creates a picturesque painting, making the rainy Orchid Spa more beautiful than ever.

Behold the beauty of nature.

If you are at Avana and it suddenly rains. Don’t run when the rain comes. Simply stop, smell it, listen to it, and behold it with joy. Rain lovers are the ones who know the true meaning of the expression “You only live once.”

12 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day At Avana Retreat

1. Cuddle in your comfortable bed and read a book.

2. Have a mug of hot coffee.

3. Watch the rain from your cozy room and bring happy memories back to you.

4. Pull up the bathroom curtain and take a warm dip in the bathtub while enjoying the view.

5. Walk bare feet on the boardwalk when the rain stops. The feeling of having your bare feet touching wet wooden boards is amazing.

6. Take a meditation in the cool, calm atmosphere.

7. Watch the whole valley drenched in the rain from the Cloud Pool Bar. This is such an amazing view.

8. Have you ever swum in the rain? If you haven’t, then it’s the chance. Go to the pool and enjoy a new experience. 

9. Go to Could Pool Bar or the viewpoint the next morning to witness seas of clouds wrapping mountain peaks. The view is breathtaking.

10. Book a Spa treatment when it's raining. Unwind and relax in the signature body therapy and soothing music of nature.

11. Take a photo of the mountain rain.

12. Wait to see the rainbow.