Avana chicken farm's idea was formed in the first lockdown during the COVID pandemic in Vietnam: to supply organic eggs to employees in the city. From 150 chickens from the first days, the farm now has more than 300 chickens that provide Green Chili Restaurant with fresh produce that sources from high animal welfare standards.

An area of 1 hectare of the hilly land is used for the farm. There is a house where the chickens sleep at night. Peach trees have been planted to shade them from the midday sun. Twice a day, Giap goes to the farm. He cuts down the banana trees that are abundant in Avana, chops their stalks then mixes them with corn powder to feed the chickens. As banana trees are very popular in the Vietnamese countryside, people often use them in livestock farming. The banana stalk is rich in potassium and vitamin B6. It can also work as an antibiotic alternative that is good for poultry. 

Avana maintains high standards of living for the chickens that satisfy their natural behavioral needs. They can roam freely on the land for most of the day, forage, scratch the ground for food such as worms and insects, and bathe in the dust under the sun. This stimulating environment keeps the chickens healthy and happy so that they can produce healthy and happy eggs. 

Avana's guests can go to the farm to collect the egg if they wake up early enough. Follow the small path from the back entrance of the stilt house museum to the swimming pool. You will see the chicken farm on your right. Look carefully as these hens are naughty. They won’t let you find their eggs easily. Sometimes, you will find an egg on a small hole that the hen digs on the ground, next to a low bush, on the chicken house's roof, or even on the palm tree. But it's worth finding. Organic eggs taste so good. Bring the egg to Green Chili Restaurant and ask the chef to make a hearty breakfast for you. Omelet with mushroom, cheese, ham, and peppers, scramble, or fry the egg: it's all about your choice.

Avana Retreat isn't the first resort that has free-range chickens. That is our efforts to add a voice to better animal welfare. By saving a large space for the chickens and encouraging our guests to visit the farm, we want to raise awareness of the welfare needs of all the living creatures that share the earth with us.