On the vast area of 15 hectares, there are only 41 villas in Avana Retreat. That is how Avana ensures its guests have their privacy when staying at the retreat. 

Avana Retreat has four room categories, ranging from 67sqm to 229sqm, and name after flowers and plants in Avana Retreat. All rooms have great views over the valley, generous balconies, and bathtubs looking to nature.

1. Lantana Mountain Bungalow

You can call it Lantana if you like. There are 10 Lantana, built in pairs, with connecting doors. That means, two Lantana can be connected into a two-bedroom bungalow, suitable for large families or groups of friends. Even though Lantana is the smallest in the room types, it doesn’t mean it is less beautiful or less comfortable. 

Lantana has a square of 67sqm with a 17sqm balcony looking over the valleys or paddy fields. The mountain bungalow has 2 single beds that can join to be a double one if guests request. The mini bar is stocked with fresh juice and snacks that are filled up every day. 

Although Lantana’s bathtub isn’t as large as the one in the other rooms, you can pull up the curtain to enjoy the feeling of being at one with nature. 

2. Bauhinia Mountain Suite

This 98sqm mountain suite has charming decor with dark brown wooden furniture. Three tree bee-wax paintings are hanging on the wall to honor the traditional Hmong art. Same with Ferns Grand Mountain Suites and Senna Hilltop Pool Villas, Bauhinia has a table and two chairs on the balcony for in-villa dining.

Bauhinia’s bathroom is a little bit larger than Lantana’s bathroom. It has a bathtub, separate shower, and toilet. Toiletries are all organic products and are made for Avana Retreat only with herbal scents. 

Floor-to-ceiling windows welcome more natural light into the room. The large balcony (the largest in the four categories) offers dreamy views over the mountain in the early mornings. Make yourself a cup of coffee, bring it to the balcony, watch the misty valleys, then see how different a mountain morning can be, comparing to the city morning. 

3. Ferns Grand Mountain Suite

There are only 6 Ferns Grand Mountain Suites so that this room must be something special. Ferns’ bedroom, living space, and bathroom are so spacious that you might feel a little bit overwhelming when you first step into it. The exquisite decoration in every little detail tells how caring and aesthetic the resort’s owner is. 

That is easy to understand why people are in love with Ferns’ generous bathroom. It is the largest area and the most beautiful of 4 types of rooms. You can pull the curtain up to immerse yourself in the sense of tropical gateway or turn the candle on in the evening to enjoy a spa-vibe right in your villa. 

If bee-wax paintings create a local vibe to Bauhinia Mountain Suites, paper umbrellas hanging on the wall add more colors to Ferns. The Grand Mountain Suite also boasts a 29sqm balcony (as big as a hotel room) with spectacular views of the valleys and rice fields, perfect for a lazy day. 

4. Senna Hilltop Pool Villa

What makes 3 Senna Pool Villas unique is their location - on a private hill, which is also Avana’s terraced rice field. That means they own the best views in Avana, especially in the rice seasons. A private, small path guides you to your glamorous villas, ensures your privacy when staying at the villa.

Senna Hilltop Pool Villas have generous bedrooms and separate living rooms. Both are decorated elegantly and tastefully. A set of rattan lights that drop from the ceiling illuminate the villa gracefully and give it a romantic feel. 

The pool villa boasts a heated infinity pool with stunning views over rice fields and valleys. A large sun terrace with sofas and sunbeds that make relaxing and lounging outdoors easy and comfortable. 

If you want to make your stay more special, a dining table with two wooden chairs sitting next to the pool, ready for a private, romantic dinner.

Senna has two types of villas: one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas. Both of them are in high demand and are often occupied on the weekend.