Located in the mountain, surrounded by valleys, Avana Retreat is a great place for cloud hunting.

The high mountain might be at its most beautiful when cloud season comes. Let’s image the thick, white clouds wriggling through the dense canopy, covering the lower mountain, and revealing only the peaks, that beauty attracts many travelers and photographers to visit the Vietnamese northern mountains to “hunt” clouds. 

Located in the highland, surrounded by valleys, Avana Retreat is the perfect place for cloud hunting if you don’t want to travel 7 to 9 hours to popular places for this activity like Ta Xua, Ta Chi Nhu, and Y Ty. Not mention to these places are not easy to reach and lack fancy accommodations. 

When is the best time to hunt cloud at Avana Retreat?

The cloud hunting season starts at Avana Retreat in late October when the temperature gets colder. At that time, the air carries moisture to the windward side of the mountain and cools to dew point temperature, and forms clouds. 

The clouds from the valleys begin to rise, but don’t reach the peaks. At this time, the low-lying lands become valleys of thick, dense clouds. You’ll have a mountain view backdropped with a bright blue sky. Simply stunning. 

Where are the best places to hunt clouds at Avana Retreat?

At Avana, there are some places for you to take in the breathtaking views of white clouds blanketing the whole world below. 

Cloud Pool Bar

The most popular place is Cloud Pool Bar. From this place, you can also have a panoramic view of valleys, mountains, forests, terraced rice fields, and the gorgeous waterfall pouring down to the foot of the mountain. 


Go to the viewpoint to soak the whole valleys into your eyes. If you can get up early in the morning, around 6 am, the scenery is just marvelous. 

Cang Village

If outdoor activities are your style, book a trekking tour with Avana Retreat. A local guide will take you to Cang Village that is up to the mountain. The trek is about 40 minutes, goes through ethnic villages where you can witness the local life while enjoying being at one with nature. The award is waiting at the end of the trip. From the top of the mountain, you can see Avana floating in the sea of clouds.

I’m sure there are still other places to behold the extraordinary sea of clouds at Avana. Make a plan to visit, find them out by yourself, and share with us your favorite place.