One of the popular questions we often get from our guests is: Is there any activity for kids? Different from beach resorts where children enjoy swimming and water activities, mountain resorts seem a bit boring to little joyful guests. But that isn’t so true with Avana Retreat. Here, we have plenty of activities to delight your children.

1. Feed the duck and fish

There is a duck pond and a fish pond in front of the Green Chili Restaurant. We have breadcrumbs in the basket next to the pond so your children can use them to feed the duck and fish. On beautiful days, our tricky ducks often waddle to the grass field nearby for a day outing. 

2. Play indoor and outdoor games at Kids Club

On the right of Green Chili restaurant, a Kids Club with creative activities waiting for your children to explore. They will find here wooden toys, drawing books, craft-making class, as well as other interesting things to keep them busy. There is always staff in the Kids Club so you can make sure that they are well taken care of. 

3. Collect morning eggs

Go to Avana chicken farm to visit 250 chickens that are free-ranging and foraging in 1 hectare of hilly land. They lay eggs freely too so it’s not easy to find their egg as it can be anywhere on the farm. There was once I found an egg on the roof of their house and one on the palm tree. But it’s worth my effort. The eggs tasted great in my breakfast later. 

4. Swim at one of the most beautiful swimming pools in Vietnam

The Avana Retreat’s pool is an infinity pool with stunning views over the mountain, forests, and valley. The pool is 1.4 meters in depth only and its water is heated in winter ensuring the children enjoy swimming for hours. There are swimming floats for smaller children to keep them safe. From 3 PM to 5 PM, the Cloud Pool Bar serves snacks that delight the kids.

5. Learn about the ethnic groups at the Thai Stilt House museum

A 70-years old Thai Stilt House is reformed into a museum that displays collections of the Thai, Muong, and Hmong people. The collections are small, however, you children still can have a deeper understanding of the culture, lifestyle, and fashion of three main ethnic groups living in Mai Chau. 

6. Go fishing

Just a few steps from the Thai Stilt House museum is a fishing pond where kids can challenge themselves to catch a fish. Fishing is also a wonderful family activity so this can be a chance for parents to share quality time with their kids. Fishing rods are available near the pond. Banana that is also found on the grass makes wonderful bait for the fishes. 

7. Have fun with in-villa games

Open the low cabinet in your room, you will see a beautiful set of seahorse games and wooden drawing games that I’m sure your children will enjoy playing. In the fresh, peaceful environment of nature, you can teach your children that life without smartphones and electronic devices can be great too.