Facing the hectic, stressful daily life full of work and worries, our physical and mental state can’t help but collapse and deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is important to plan an escape from the restless routine and treat ourselves with a relaxation holiday. In recent years, wellness holiday - an emerging kind of tourism, is capturing health-conscious tourists’ as it offers them a holistic physical and mental revitalization and ultimate comfort. So how is it different from usual vacations? Let’s find out about this special relaxation form and see how beneficial it is to include it in your yearly vacation. 

Wellness holiday is a rather new concept, yet is gaining popularity recently

What is a wellness holiday? 

A wellness holiday is traveling that aims to revive one’s physical and mental state and provide a chance for deep self-consciousness and recovery. Though sharing a similar purpose of relaxation, a wellness holiday does have noticeable differences from normal vacations. While typical vacations do offer a time-off from daily life, a wellness holiday is an intentional repair of welfare and manifests the tranquility state of being. 

Wellness holiday is a vacation focusing on relaxation

3 benefits of taking a wellness holiday?

  • Body reinvigoration

You are indulged in a retreat filled with healing practices, healthy diet, and a relaxing setting. Therefore, a positive change in your body is expected to occur and hopefully can reinforce the motivation to switch to a more mindful and health-conscious lifestyle.  

  • Deep reflection

A wellness holiday allows you to take a step back from the usual hustle bustle and provide plenty of time and space for you to focus on yourself. Once you learn to leave the stress and strains behind, you will be able to reach a new level of zen, as well as finding solutions to detangle your inner burdens.

  • Digital detox

Many researches have indicated that digital platforms are a cause of high levels of stress, therefore, a wellness holiday offers the opportunity to take a break from the Internet and enhance the relationship between people and the world around them, as most wellness retreats are located far from urban cities - where you can truly appreciate nature and connect with the healing natural elements that activate your senses. 

There are many benefits in taking a wellness holiday

Why should you consider Avana Retreat for the next wellness holiday? 

  • Beautifully embraced by nature

Avana's climate is similar to that of its neighbor Moc Chau in the highlands. With plum blossom season, bauhinia flower season, rice growth season, and harvesting season, the retreat is attractive all year round thanks to the pleasant weather. 

  • Evoke the senses in you

The untouched, secluded nature of Avana can arouse the latent senses lying in each person: Listen to the whispers of the streams, feel the Earth’s rhythm in every footstep, observe the beauty of the natural landscape and enjoy the taste of pure nature in every bite.

  • Amazing human resource 

Well-trained, devoted and hospitable staff who are available at any time will make you truly feel cherished and cared for. They perform their work with joy and pride, not duty-driven.

  • A time to reflect, refresh and restore

Avana Retreat proposes a wide range of treats to give you the rejuvenation you need. Meditating by the waterfall, enjoying healthy diets, experiencing spa treatments, all of the activities above would surely let you be indulged in the best relaxation experience. 

  • A place to appreciate the little things 

Coming to Avana, you will be able to embrace the small details of life: breathe the fresh air, admire nature without any buildings blocking the sight, count the stars at night, or see the Hmong and Thai children running around bare-footed, laughing with no worries. Sometimes, life can be so simple and enjoyable from those little moments.

Avana Retreat aims to provide ultimate relaxation and wellness rejuvenation

There are so many responsibilities bound to each person, and it is inevitable. However, it is totally fine to catch a breath and allow yourself to unwind sometimes. Therefore, Avana Retreat is the perfect destination for your wellness holidays as we offer absolute relaxation through the finest service and dedicated hospitality. 

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