Our Story

In this quiet area, when the sunlight suffuses the whole valley, the beauty of Avana starts to unfold like an exquisite painting.

Let the memories begin

It was a truly memorable day when our team came upon a breathtaking hidden waterfall while trekking the Mai Chau Valley. Whether from experience or instinct, we knew that there was something special to be found in the surrounding forest. Our persistent search revealed a waterfall, nestled behind dense foliage. A sense of relief and joy invaded our thoughts as we realized that we had found something very special.
Avana was born that day.
Let the
                        memories begin
Let the
                        memories begin
Let the
                        memories begin

Avana is derived from the word “A-yana,” meaning a beautiful flower. Like a wildflower nourished by nature, Avana is meant to be loved and admired.

Since then, the land has been nurtured and reforested to revitalize its natural beauty. Thirty-six villas now perch on the mountainside, with waterfall, rice field, and dense forest as a backdrop.

Craftsmen from three minority groups in Mai Chau taught us how to make earth-wall, weave rattan ceilings, and roof the villas with palm leaves. With their contribution, our villas have the best condition in any season of the year, cool in summer and warm in winter.


villas have been constructed to subtly enhance the charm of the verdant forest

Facts in figures

1 traditional Thai stilt house

3 minority groups live in the surrounding

4 infinity, heated pools

10 hectares were reforested

15 hectares is Avana's total acreage

90% Avana staff are local people

Avana has the characteristic of the highland climate that is quite similar to its neighbor Moc Chau. The comfortable weather makes the retreat beautiful all year round with plum blossom season, bauhinia blossom season, rice growing season, and harvesting season. It's beautiful even in the winter when the leaves have dropped and the trees are down to their bare bones. 

Our priority in everything that we do is to protect the environment. The waterfalls have been kept in their initial state while streamlets continue to meander their way through the valley.

This place called Avana is much more than a luxury mountain retreat. It truly symbolizes a unique and all-encompassing passion for, and commitment to nature, the area, and the people.

Ninety percent of Avana staff are ethnic people whose former incomes came mainly from two rice cultivations in the fields. They came to Avana with limited education and no knowledge of hospitality and tourism but had an aspiration to diversify and improve their ability to earn a living.

We provided free training programs to help them succeed. They have welcomed the opportunity to work and build careers here in their beloved homeland and are now an integral part of the Avana family.