Avana offers outdoor activities to explore the hill mountains and quiet places to immerse yourself in nature.

In the land full of life and serenity, Avana Retreat nestles in between the mountains, unearthing so many hidden treasures. From easing your mind in meditating exercises to boosting up some challenges on a forest trek, or simply getting around with the ethnic culture of Mai Chau, visit Avana Retreat and explore our mountain sanctuary to the fullest! 

Below, you can find 12 activities that we recommend for a perfect Avanacation.

1. Take A Jeep Tour

It has a reason why people love Jeep. Roaming on a road trip in a Jeep is so much different from traveling by car. No doors and no top, Jeep brings the feeling of freedom and adventure. 

Avana Retreat introduces the first Jeep tour in beautiful Vietnam’s northwest mountain region - a great chance to see the mountain from a different perspective in 2 hours Let the wind blow your hair as a 1975 American Jeep takes you through small villages, rugged mountain paths, and breathtaking paddy fields. Feel free to ask the friendly driver to stop sometimes to enjoy the countryside scenery. Jeep tours are private and available from 8 am to 6 pm. 

Hint: If you want to be closer to local life, Avana provides a lunch stop at a stilt house where you can enjoy local delicacies prepared by a Thai family. 

*Charges apply

2. Trekking

Pack up and head to the beaten roads! Catch a glimpse into local culture and the stunning scenery as you travel. With a guide side by side, you can leisurely meander through ethnic settlements, desolate country roads, and paddy rice fields. If you prefer a more challenging trek, go for the adventurous option and test your mettle on the mountain's well-worn trails. Maintain a steady pace while enjoying the panoramic views along the way. Mid-tour, a picnic lunch is offered, with time to rest and enjoy the serene mountain landscape.

*Charges apply

3. Visit Bamboo Forest 

In the heart of the bamboo forest, life in solitude is flowing at its own pace. Here, we adopt gentle friends, who love rolling through the green grass, drinking from the fresh streams, and bathing in the sunlight. Visit our friendly animals and get snippets of their daily life! By creating a stress-free life for the animals we hope to promote animal welfare, boost biodiversity, and commit to the sustainability mission: to preserve the best of nature!

4. Cultural Workshop

Our Stilt House Museum is Avana’s cultural hub. Liven up the ethnic spirit in our various workshops and get yourself some fun and knowledgeable time admiring long-lasting cultures, curated by the ethnic artisans themselves. From H’mong Batik, brocade weaving to rattan weaving, workshops are available daily to welcome any guests visiting!

5. Picnic Lunch

Something about dining in under the clear sky enhances the flavor of whatever you're eating, maybe it’s the sense in the outdoors, maybe it’s the sunshine under the breezy winds uphill, maybe it’s the delicious flavors of the mountains. Reserve a lovely lunch privately set up for you in the open air.

Have a taste of authentic cuisine curated by the local's spices and enjoy an ethnic lunch in the open space, infused with the earthy scents of soil and rice.

*Charges apply

6. Book A Spa Treatment

A vacation at Avana Retreat is incomplete without a visit to Orchid Spa. Set along with the streamflow, hidden deep in the rainforest, this place is like a sanctuary of well-being where one’s mind, body, and soul feel completely at peace with nature. Eight treatment rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to the verdant forest while a variety of nourishing and healing therapies provide a truly holistic experience.

*Charges apply

7. Enjoy A Afternoon Tea Session In The High View

Quality champagne, gourmet desserts, a nature view, and a few intimates sound like a perfect plan for the afternoon. Have a taste of Avana's finest gourmet dessert, sip on a glass of Tommasi Process and simply let loose to the breathtaking view of the valley. Learn to appreciate the moment in every sip, bite, and sight. As Thich Nhat Hanh stated: “Only in the awareness of the present, can your hands feel the pleasant warmth of the cup? Only in the present, can you savor the aroma, taste the sweetness, appreciate the delicacy.”

*Charges apply

8. Indulge In A Private Dinner by The Waterfall

No one can resist the romance of dining by the waterfall. When the sun starts going down, a candlelit bridge takes you to a natural waterfall where your table is beautifully set up with flowers and champagne by candlelight. In the cool and quiet ambiance of the pristine forest, the Avana team is on hand to create a perfect dining journey with each mindful bite of delicious flavors. 

*Charges apply

9. Behold The Whole Valley From The Pool

Located right next to Cloud Pool Bar, Avana Pool is the best place in Avana for spectacular views of the whole valleys below, especially at sunset time. From here, you can also see the plunging Pung waterfall standing out in the deep green of the jungle and the stunning terraced rice fields in the front. January to April is the best time to see a sea of clouds floating right below your feet. 

Small tips: Cloud Silk Worms and Bao Lao Daiquiri are signature drinks of the Could Pool Bar. The recipes are a blend of the cocktail world and local flavor.

10. Practice Morning Yoga

A new day comes with new strength and new thoughts, and it’s a new chance to better yourself in the mindfulness of yoga. In the tranquil setting of H'mong Cottage, master your breath, calm your mind, and let your senses loose to the beauty of the present. A great morning stretch sure helps with your flexibility throughout the day and awakens your senses!

11. Visit The Stilt House Museum

A 1970 Thai stilt house is transformed into a museum that showcases small collections of 3 ethnic minority groups in Mai Chau. Spend 20 to 30 minutes here to look through traditional musical instruments, costumes, ancient agricultural tools, pieces of jewelry, books, and items related to worship rituals. The beautiful stilt house itself is an object of the collection as well. 

12. Watch A Movie Outdoors At Night

There are a few more glorious summer activities than lying back in the great outdoors, under the stars and soaking up a good movie. With large, comfortable bean bags and snacks, and drinks that can be ordered from Green Chili Restaurant next door, the screening is a cozy, intimate time that isn’t easily forgotten.

Take a mountain vacation with a variety of relaxing and exciting experiences in Avana Retreat.